How to get your Instagram QR code

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How to get your Instagram QR code

Your Instagram QR code make it easy for someone to find and follow your instagram account without the faffing around of them searching instagram for your business. The QR code will take prospective customers straight to your profile. All someone needs to do is use the instagram app or the camera app on their phone and they will be taken straight to your profile.

Using this blog post, we will show you how to find and customise your unique Instagram QR code as well as how to scan others.

Access your QR code on Instagram Mobile

To get your QR code on either android or iPhone, make sure you are using the official Instagram app.

To start, open the app on your phone and click your profile icon on the bottom bar.

On your profile page, click the hamburger menu in the top right

In the menu that appears, tap “QR Code”.

A screen shot from the instagram app showing how to get your instagram QR code

Instagram will then display your QR code which you can save straight to your camera roll.

People can scan this code with either the instagram app or the camera on their phone and if they tap the link, it will take them straight to your instagram profile.

An instagram QR code for @itspixelish

On the QR code screen, you can play around with colours and backgrounds – choose whatever suits you or your brand. To share the QR code, use the share icon in the top right hand corner.

A screenshot of an instagram QR code taken from the instagram app

The Instagram QR codes aren’t just to share with people. We recommend to our clients that they put them on any print materials we design for them. Whether this be business cards, flyers, posters. The more places you use your QR code, the more followers you are likely to get.

Have you seen any creative uses of Instagram QR codes? If so, let us know by posting in the comments below.

An image of the back of a greetings card that shows the brands Instagram QR code
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