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Extensive advanced SEO packages to suit all business types and all marketing budgets. 

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per month
  • What's included?

  • Perfect for small businesses

  • In-depth website analysis
  • 18-25 Keywords
  • Initial SEO audit
  • Keyword research
  • Meta tags optimisation
  • Site structure optimisation
  • General link building
  • General blog posts
  • Call-to-action optimisation
  • Goals setup in Google Analytics
  • Thank you page tracking
  • Google My Business optimisation
  • Local schema optimisation
  • Citation building


per month
  • What's included?

  • Everything from basic & intermediate

  • 100-120 Keywords
  • 12 Guest blog posts
  • Anchor text optimisation
  • Sky scraper link building
  • Scholarship links ( & .edu)
  • UTM Tracking
  • CallRail Implementation

  • This package is perfect for larger business that need to constantly grow their web presence through SEO

But I thought SEO was included?

All of our web design packages include on-site SEO only with up to 10 keywords. Our monthly SEO packages give you up to 120 keywords and access to our team of SEO experts who will handle all of your off-site SEO and Link Building.

Our SEO features explained.

In-depth website analysis

Our analysis is a full review of your website in its current state. Our SEO experts will look at how your site affects your search rankings.


Your keywords are the phrases that define what your website is about. They are what potential customers enter in to google to find your website.

Guest posts

We contribute posts to other blogs around the internet, this helps your site build relationships, exposure and domain authority.

Link Building

Link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites to yours. This increases your domain authority and your search relevance.

Event Tracking

With the help of Google, we monitor exactly how your customers interact with your website. We can help you fine-tune your PPC & Marketing.

Content Optimisation

We ensure all content you have added to your site is written & presented in a way search engines can understand & serve it to your customers.

Skyscraper Link Building

This is where we find high ranking content, improve it and replicate the backlinks. We ensure your content is bigger & better than your competitors.

UTM Tracking

This helps us accurately track user engagement from outside sources. So we know exactly where and why customers are coming to your site.

CallRail Tracking

This gives you additional data to identify where your best leads are coming from & understand what your customers are talking about online.

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